Welcome to Orichalcum, the TFL approved fanlisting for Zidane Tribal of the Japanese roleplaying video game Final Fantasy IX. A sharp contrast to some of his predecessors, Zidane is a sunny, cheery protagonist who is quick to lend a hand to those in need. If you are a fan of Zidane, please feel free to show your love by joining this fanlisting! :)
4(+0) listed ⚜ April 24th 2020
You are currently viewing version one of this website. It was designed to be simple and easy to read/navigate. I wanted it to look nostalgic and warm, much like how I feel about Zidane and FFIX. This design is a much nicer, much cleaner throwback to my web design style back when FFIX first came out, back in the olden days. xD Resources are from 9-liters-of-art@DA and the image of Zidane is from Dissidia NT. Isn't he so adorable in HD? :D The fonts featured throughout are Droid Sans and Quaver Serif.